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Young Life Leaders 2012
Lakes Area Young Life is active in various high schools and middle schools in the area. Young Life is making a difference in kids' lives. Here's an example of how Young Life is reaching kids: John regularly attends basketball practice at the high school where he is a Young Life leader. At first, John did not know the young men on the basketball team, but after weeks of watching practice he began to get to know who they were and exchanged a few short conversations with some of the players. One day, one of the players approached John. "You come to watch us practice a lot don't you?" the young man asked John. "Yes, I do," John said. "That's cool," the young man said. "No one does that."
Young Life leaders enter the world of adolescence to build relationships with them and share with them the person of Jesus.  Since 1974 leaders have been doing this incredible work in the Lakes area and reached thousands of youth.  This work is never done and there are more kids who need to hear this incredible story of Jesus told by adults who love and care for them. 
If this intrigues you, please contact our Young Life office for more information.  Your life will never be the same again!

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